Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Imagine these three steps as a whole stair case, tilting threateningly toward you.
Imagine a crowd of people jostling in front and behind.
Imagine that to those people, the stairs appear normal, and as far as they are aware so are you.
Imagine how you feel standing there, looking up at the top. Knowing you have no choice but to make what feels impossible, possible.
Imagine how you feel as you hold up those behind you.
Imagine someone comes down the other way, and you have to let go of the rail you are desperately clinging on to for them to pass.
Imagine you finally haul yourself up. You can't celebrate your achievement, you can not rest.
Imagine that is just one of many obstacles you face when you leave the house.

Next time you judge a seemingly healthy person for taking the lift one floor, walking frustratingly slowly, or parking in a disabled bay, try and just imagine what might be going on for them.

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  1. And keep an eye on your children with regards to the stairs! Many kids hold on to the ral for fun and zoom around the stairs (a scary enough site without the added wobbly disability I have!) WE'RE HOLDING THE RAIL FOR A REASON!

    I don't have MS, I have EDS a "too bendy" disability but is also an invisible disability and has good/bad days. Fantastically said. Thanks. :-)

    Fribitt @ dignifiedandproud.blogspot.co.uk