Thursday, 9 August 2012

UTI's DLA and other Acronyms.

Continuing the theme of it being a pretty shitty four weeks, the day I finished the anti biotics for the infection I had after getting bitten by a bug, I got a nasty UTI, cystitis to be specific. And it was well beyond the cranberry juice stage.
I was bumbling to and from the toilet with no problems beyond the burning dribble of pee every couple of minutes. Like my experience with heat, I had read about infections making MS worse. It didn't appear to be happening, and I even started doubting I had MS at all. After about an hour or so, as if to prove a point, my leg just suddenly went.
I spoke to the local practise nurse at the GPs surgery, and she said that because I had back pain I had to have more anti biotics, luckily just a three day course.
So it was a pretty sedate weekend, mostly spent sleeping, peeing, drinking gallons of water, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

To top that off, I got my DLA renewal pack in the post today, obviously totally expected, as I knew it was coming up to that time. When I first claimed it, a charity (I think they are a charity anyway, maybe an organisation, I don't know to be honest) called Disability Cambridge helped me fill in the forms. The guy said to just ring him when it came up to renewal and he'd help me again. So I rang them as soon as I got the dreaded forms in the post, only to discover their funding has been cut, and they are no longer taking new cases. However when I gave him my address, he did say the guy I saw last time was still trying to help people in the City if he could, but it was up to him so I have to wait to hear.
It just makes me so fucking angry, another Tory thrust knife in the back of the disabled. I am sure this service in itself can not cost much at all. However by cutting services like this, there will be more people that will now not be able to claim for things to which they are entitled because there is no one there to advocate for them, tell them what help they can get, and generally help navigate some of the many minefields that having a disability can bring. And I am sure that is exactly what The Big C's want. Take away much needed help, so that the disabled have less of a voice and are pushed back underground.
So much for the big society. You can be a part of it, just so long as you can do everything for yourself.

**and breathe**

Back to the main reason for this post, which was that after the infections I spoke briefly to the MS nurse, who said that it will still be fine to have the tysabri infusion next week and that they only tend to delay the infusion if someone is showing signs of the beginnings of an infection, so getting over one is absolutely fine.

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