Thursday, 31 May 2012

Infusion Number 3

I've been quite quiet here lately, mostly because my MS has been fairly quiet and so that makes me want to just try and get on with a normal life and not focus on my MS persona.
I want to not do that though, I am consciously in a place where I can have a life and MS at the same time, and not ignore one in favour of the other, however subconsciously I do seem to try and avoid MS related things when my own MS is behaving.

The other reason it's taken me a week to get round to writing about the third infusion, is because it was very uneventful. The MS nurse wasn't there so there isn't even any interesting MS related conversations to report on.
I felt good again after the infusion, and this last week since having it has been really, really good. I've been less fatigued, walking further, and just generally less bothered by day to day MS symptoms.
This is the sort of feeling I've had for perhaps a day or two in the past, and then it's been BAM another relapse hits. However this time, it seems to be lasting. It's only been a week, but it's still lasting, and for now I will take that. Just fingers crossed it keeps on lasting and the Tysabri does its job at keeping the relapse that I am now 'due' for at bay.
I do feel a bit nervous, all the happiness I feel at this improvement is tentative because I don't trust it yet. I had the odd day like this before and like I said, it was always preceding a relapse. MS has taught me the lesson to not expect, anything.
I no longer get excited between relapses thinking 'this could last for months, or even years' because every time I've thought that before, MS has come along and given me a cold hard slap in the face to remind me who is boss.
So I am cautiously hopeful, that this time, Tysabri is boss. That this good spell will last.
Don't get me wrong, it's not feeling like any miracle cure just yet, I still have the standard day to day symptoms, my life has changed beyond recognition from its pre MS form, however it is a life that I am happy in, and if Tysabri can manage to maintain it then to me, that is a welcome miracle.

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